Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s Most Brutal Scene Haunts Me

Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s Most Brutal Scene Haunts Me

In my previous article i have talked about The 3DS version of the legend of Zelda | Hyrule Warriors .Now we are talking about Black Ops III’s Most Brutal Scene.

just last night my Robocop figure from childhood got me startled and so scared when I found it lying so close to my face as if it was saying “I’m going to kill you” never have I ever been so terrified by the these metallic robots till I played the game last week the “Call of Duty Black opp 3” which drove me terrified following the sleepless nights.

call of duty black ops 3 scene

Briefly sharing one of the most petrifying scenes from the game earlier the robots are so uncool and so cruel they leave no room for you survive they are just metal killing machines waiting to catch you and break every bone till it crushes and leave you cold.

The latest version of Call of Duty: Black op iii come with exceptional graphics, abilities and customizable characters to play with, just in the beginning you can choose your gender, either being male or female, the graphics especially the military guys are so damn real they literally give me goose bumps every time I indulge in the game. Before the game begins it does inform you to proceed only if the scenes might not disturb you since it does hold lot of blood and inappropriate language.

Oh the missions and the killings along the way all make me sick but that’s what its all about and now with the addition of  the many robots to the game this has gone to another level where the metal machine come in bringing all the violence, blood and brutality.

While rescuing prisoners from the compounds you face these horrible robots, zombies and enemy running after you and the way they treat you, wait! I won’t say treat I’d say crush and stab and beat you its just so dismaying they’d haunt you forever, those red creepy eyes, it’s a mess.

Love the feeling of accomplishment when you actually kill the most malicious enemy with all the perfect weapons in hand. The robots are just unrelenting in the first part of the game, they drive you cold and helpless what so ever.

Call of Duty: Black Op iii is available to play on PS4, it can be played online as a single player however the multiplayer option would be best since the ambiance it creates is just out of this world that would actually make you a real part of the whole battle.


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