Need for speed 2015 review & Features

Need for speed 2015 review & Features

When there’s a sudden urge to rush and a need to speed things up, what better way than to sit back and enjoy the most heart throbbing game of all times the one and only “Need for speed 2015 features.

A rocking racing video game which runs around the illegal car racing scene, released first in 1994 and upgraded versions kept hitting the gaming zones with various features added.

Need For Speed Rivals was released in 2013 having an upgrade of All Drive system and other tech upgrades. Need for speed No Limits hit the controls in 2015 and for the first time the installation was made available for the IOS and Androids.

The latest version of NFS has been released on November 3rd 2015 and is available to play on PS4 and XBOX1 and is all set to release on PC in Spring 2016.

Apart from the most dashing and fastest cars to play with there are certain pros and cons, let’s have a look.

The game has perfect graphics and heart pumping music to keep you connected and the adrenaline rush keeps you moving fast and speed things up along the way. Tune your car going from simplest to unique by bringing upgrades from 16 options whatever adjustments you make are easily felt once you start playing again.

There are many fun and entertaining missions and challenges to keep you hooked in drifting and circling cars. However the race missions can be easily skipped when they began to bore you.

Now the Cons Need for speed kept me glued to the racing until the Al rubber banding which got me frustrated.

There are not many players to play with hence it doesn’t qualify to be kept as an online game, there is no manual gear shift option in the game too, I would rate the game between 6 to 8 and not more.

However this has always been an ever revolving game which will be changing focus and its associated mechanisms in the years to come.


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